MANORHAVEN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A North Shore waterfront community on Long Island lacks land, but is bursting with people and their cars.

As CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported, locals in Manorhaven complain that legal parking spots are being taken by tourists – and now there are battles over possible solutions.

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Manorhaven is an idyllic community, and it is said to have the largest suburban population per square mile in the state of New York.

“Seven thousand or more residents here, without anybody coming down to their boats or to the beach or whatever it might be,” and they all need a place to park, said Manorhaven Village Trustee Kenneth Kraft. “And we’re only a half square mile, this village – it’s maybe 37 streets.”

Kraft, a former police sergeant, sees firsthand what happens when thousands of drivers try to park on those limited streets – tourists and day trippers coming to enjoy the inviting waterfront village along Manhasset Bay.

At an overcrowded public meeting in the village hall Thursday, tensions rose as solutions were floated. Among them were creating parking permit stickers for the village residents.

Others got riled at the thought of alternate side parking.

Some residents asked that codes on the books be enforced. Homeowner Barbara Mallon said there are few restrictions on “overdevelopment.”

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“They’re building huge two-family homes on minuscule lots,” Mallon said.

People living near schools and the water complain that out-of-towners are taking all their legal spots, forcing them to park blocks away. And code officers were also seen blanketing one street with parking tickets after new signs went up.

Kelsey Gee got a $40 ticket for parking in front of her own house.

“They never let us know,” she said.

Meanwhile, some visitors said they have given up on searching for spots on the street. There are some alternatives, but they come at a price.

“I think it’s either $20 or $30 for the summer, and you can get a pass for here for the pool,” said Jessica McGuire of Port Washington.

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With such overwhelming response – and frayed nerves – a second meeting on village parking is now scheduled for next week. Residents are advised to bring their ideas and expect standing room only.