NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A federal immigration agent showed up at a Queens elementary school last week looking for a fourth grader, but was turned away at the door, a city spokesman said.

It happened Thursday at P.S. 58 in Maspeth Queens, the spokesman said. It was the first time such a thing happened since the city put a policy in place to turn away federal agents without warrants, WCBS 880’s Myles Miller reported.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the policy in March.

“We’re not allowing (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents in the building, because I think parents are so afraid right now, and are worried that an agent could literally come into a building and single out their child, we want them to know that can’t happen under this policy,” de Blasio said in March.

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said in a statement that all students, regardless of immigration status, are welcome in New York City public schools.

Meanwhile, one woman, Rebecca, told 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern she did not like the idea of ICE coming to schools.

“It kind of like leaves a bad effect on the kids’, I guess, experience at school, and I just think it’s really something that shouldn’t be happening, like, don’t talk to the kids,” she said.

She said she thought the school did the right thing in turning the agent away.

The city’s Immigration Affairs commissioner is investigating the incident in Queens.

In a statement sent to CBS2, a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services spokesperson said “While I cannot discuss the details of the case, I can confirm that two USCIS officials visited an elementary school in Maspeth, Queens as part of an administrative inquiry pertaining to an immigration benefit request.”

“Although school visits are not routine in these circumstances, they are not unprecedented,” the statement continued. “I must emphasize that the purpose of the visit was to verify certain facts about the student’s enrollment in relation to a request for an immigration benefit. At no time did the officers ask to see or speak with the student, who was not the subject of the administrative inquiry.”

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  1. This needs to be done in every state, and on a federal level as well. they will all be removed from office where they can serve time with the illegal aliens in jail for crimes they committed here.

    “The Republican-dominated legislature passed the bill on party-line votes and sent the measure to Abbott earlier this month. It would punish local authorities who do not abide by requests to cooperate with federal immigration agents.

    Police officials found to be in violation of the law could face removal from office, fines and up to a year in prison if convicted.”

  2. This is just another example of fake distorted news from the liberal media.

    1. Keep telling yourself that.

  3. Keith Panco says:

    USCIS agents are NOT ICE agents. Learn something before writing a story.

  4. David Alster says:

    The headline and the story are distorted.

  5. Gary Hardin says:

    Federal Law is paramount on immigration and borbers.The “policies” do not change anything. The only thing broken with our immigration system is the will to either enforce existing law or change it. It was not ICE, fake news, it was these people verifying immigrant benefits.
    Once again their job under federal law.

    1. Steve Austin says:

      They likely went there to verify the kids were in school in response to an application for citizenship and the stupid school, like the stupid media, assumed they were there to pick up illegals. Now the child’s parents will not get their green cards. Good job NYC! If ICE agents showed up to pick up a kid, there would be more than two, they wouldn’t be in suits, and there is nothing the school could do to stop them. Federal law trumps local law.

  6. USCIS is not ICE, nor do they perform any enforcement function

    1. botvinnik says:


  7. Scotty Gunn says:

    Why do Liberals love to destroy our country as fast as they can?

  8. We need a Deport Court that issues warrants. Should be pretty easy to do. If anyone gets in the way they can be prosecuted for harboring and interfering. Could be a 10 year sentence. But until ICE has the backing they have to be crafty.

  9. You’re doing it all WRONG ICE! Say you’re looking for a fourth grader suspected of wearing a MAGA ballcap. Without a single word, they’ll drop him down the coal shut and he’ll land in your lap.

  10. Steve Peck says:

    Too bad the person was not arrested for obstruction of justice and taken away in handcuffs. Then you ask the next guy in charge. Repeat as needed.

    1. dodgermutt says:

      They had no warrant. In this country no warrant no taking people or things.

      1. Ray Williams says:

        No warrant is needed to arrest someone.

  11. The headline is extremely misleading. The agent did not come “looking for 4th Grader”. The article clearly states that the agent did not ask to see the child. The agent came to the office looking for information. He was turned away from the office seeking information on a case.

    1. I thought that headline looked a little fake.

  12. Sounds like some school officials need to spend a little time in jail.

  13. Paul Rodgers says:

    Very easy way to deal with this. It was part of a benefit request? Benefit DENIED.

  14. Bud Sage says:

    Typical K-12 teacher B.S. So we are to believe that the ICE agents show up at the door of the school, and the Principal goes out and runs them off? Did she take a paddle with her? Threaten them with corporal punishment? WTF????

    1. Mary Gudobba says:

      You can’t enter any of the schools here in Sterling Heights Michigan, once school starts doors are locked and there is a guard at the main entrance. You need ID and a good reason to gain entrance.

      1. Ray Williams says:

        Are you saying official government business is not a good reason?

  15. ice coulda been there looking for a child due to parnets are missing etc and ice cant talk about cases about kiddies due to they are under 18

  16. Arrest the school employees for interfering in a federal investigation.

  17. Mark Lozano says:

    Looks like it’s time to revoke funding for New York schools.

  18. Brad Miller says:

    CBS New York FAKE NEWS exaggerating an Administrative inquiry with a headline to sound like “ICE” was there to arrest a child. This type of FAKE NEWS is the technique of the Democrats to continue to attack Trump and make Trump out to be evil. The reporter should be fired and CBS New York should print an apology for their FAKE story.

  19. Dwayne Keith says:

    We need a term other than “fake news” for stories deliberately misreported to convey a false impression. Oh…wait…that’s called “propaganda.”

  20. Randall Mead says:

    Put a gun in her face and she’ll open the door.

  21. Since they wouldn’t give them the information needed to follow up on the immigration benefit that had been applied for , for the child. Deny the benefit as ” unable to confirm”.

  22. “…two USCIS officials visited an elementary school in Maspeth, Queens as part of an administrative inquiry pertaining to an immigration benefit request.”

    What the hell is an Immigration Benefit Request? I thought they didn’t get any benefits. I thought they weren’t a drain on society.

    1. There was a recent article about WIC and SNAP applications falling from illegal immigrants fearful of providing information. According to those programs there is no immigration status requirement. Anyone can apply, and has.

  23. McGuffin says:

    CBS, please print the truth about this “story”. Effing liars. FAKE NEWS.

  24. This article is very misleading. USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) are responsible for distributing benefits and processing greencards/citizenship etc. ICE investigates and enforces various immigration and customs related crimes. ICE did not come to the school, USCIS did. They only mention this NINE PARAGRAPHS down, after a school comment about not letting ICE in. USCIS probably showed up to make sure this kid, most likely with immigrant parents, existed so the family would get benefits. How on earth is this any sort of news? There is not a single law-enforcement position in the entire USCIS agency. This isn’t ICE showing up to schools, which is the apocalyptic Nazi-era liberal nightmare. This should never have been an article. shame on you cbs local NYC…

  25. Hmmm Maybe ICE came to the school cause the kid was going to home to empty house…. Ever thought of that School ??? not ideal situation but you never know!!!

  26. Looks like a slow news day at CBS, so let’s make something up to make people mad at the government. This is a good example of a biased FAKE news articles that CBS is known for. If they would stay out of politics, and just report the real news, people might come back and actually listen to them, instead of making fun of their reporting.

  27. Tomas Cruz says:

    “administrative inquiry pertaining to an immigration benefit request.” “They never asked to see the child”. This is not how the 6 NYC leftist media outlets covered it. Fake phony fraudulent news.

  28. Don Crocetti says:

    If the Government says its agents were making an inquiry of the school’s Administration, not the student, who called the media to report the agents were looking for the student? Or is this simply more fake news in support of the ongoing anti-Trump and immigration enforcement movement? In that absence of an explanation by the author of the article, I’d say it appears to be the latter {fabrication/misinformation).

  29. We have liberal idiots in this country that only follow the law they agree with…there will be a reckoning!

  30. jb80538 says:

    So if ICE has collected the parents, have CPS collect the kid from school and ICE can collect the kid from CPS

  31. Ken Kaufman says:

    Come back with a warrant. Arrest any administrator or teahcer that attempts to obstruct you. File aiding and abetting chagres, Federal Felonies, and strip them of their pensions and send them to jail in a Federal pen. Cut off any Federal aid these schools are recieving until they cooperate. But you MUST come back with a WARRANT. Make the warrant broad enough to cover any illegals in the school. And make sure you arrest anyone obstructing you.

  32. ICE agents DID NOT go to a school looking for a 4th grader, and ICE agents would not go into a school to “single out children” to take them into custody and deport them. This is a blatantly false story that is part of the larger, more coordinated, and accelerated effort to demonize President Trump.

    1. Will David says:

      ok, If it’s simply an administrative verification they wanted, and they could not DO that..simply deny outright the benefit they applied for and watch them howl. Start deportation proceedings against the family until they comply with regulations, when they do, they can apply again. Next time walk in with an informational warrant and arrest anyone who fails to immediately comply.

  33. Admittedly, if the ICE agent didn’t have a warrant, then I begrudgingly agree that the school did the right thing. I am all for deporting all illegals, as they are all criminals just by the fact that they are here illegally. However, the agent still should have had a warrant when confronting the illegal kid in school. He should have just waited for the kid to come out of school, and arrested him and the illegal parent at the same time.

  34. “I must emphasize that the purpose of the visit was to verify certain facts about the student’s enrollment in relation to a request for an immigration benefit. At no time did the officers ask to see or speak with the student, who was not the subject of the administrative inquiry.”

    This is Fake News….ICE went to verify the enrollment of the student. In fact, they probably screwed the parents, who probably had a naturalization process ongoing.

  35. Josey Wales says:

    new policy.beat the crap out of school administrators.

    1. Agreed!! Time to take this country back by force if necessary. Illegal is illegal and your breaking the law by not allowing the feds to do their jobs. Get out until you get your green card then we will welcome u as part of the USA and Assimilation can happen!!!

  36. Frank Walker says:

    Trump won, but the filthy open borders crowd remains nevertheless hard at work. If they love these illegals so much, let them PAY to educate the illegals in their home countries – NOT here!

  37. immigration benefit request…..DECLINED

    1. Oops. There’s them unintended consequences again.

  38. “looking for a fourth grader, but was turned away at the door, a city spokesman said”

    Under what authority do cities have the right to refuse to comply with FEDERAL law??

  39. This isn’t the “gestapo.” This is ENFORCING THE LAW. So cut the propaganda

    1. For once, i agree with the Deblasio. There is no reason to go into a school to pick up a kid. Do what you have to do with the parents and when the kid comes home from school, deal with the situation. Leave the kids alone. They are innocent victims.

      1. “…as part of an administrative inquiry pertaining to an immigration benefit request.”
        They buried the reason for the visit under paragraphs of innuendo. If you read the whole article, they were trying to help with a benefits request. But they turned them away! Talk about an epic fail. But let’s all portray it as the big bag Trump admin hunting down little kids in school. Because that’s real helpful.

  40. skipper1948 says:

    EZ solution…no aid!

  41. The communist are running New York city/cut all federal funds!!

  42. MH Thomas says:

    Progressive describes ICE agents attempting to conduct an administrative inquiry as if the SWAT team showed up in full gear to apprehend the child. Fake news strikes again.

  43. Why are my tax dollars used to educate citizens of other countries? Why are elected officials violating our laws to protect people in my country illegally?

  44. So ICE was coming to make sure the kid existed and to make sure the kid was enrolled so that the family could get their green cards. The school sent them away.

    So now the family has difficulty getting their green cards. Fantastic work school administration.

  45. Jeffrey Gee says:

    They should have tasered the commie school officials/teachers for getting in the way; taken the runt illegal into custody and have deported them! This looks like a Fake News story???

  46. Read the story please. another miss leading headline. More fake news.

  47. So now this poor child will be separated from the rest of his family who were deported.

    1. why do you think that is the case? Surely any family that loves their children will take the children with them back to their beloved Homeland, right?

      1. Because the school prevented ICE from picking up the kid.

        Now the kid will go home after school to an empty house that he may not be able to get inside making that kid homeless and alone.

        The school would rather make a political statement than think about keeping a family together even if it’s being deported together.

  48. Illegal aliens shouldn’t require any sort of warrant for detainment or removal – they’re ILLEGAL.

  49. Carl Wilson says:

    Fake News. Try understanding the facts of why they were they, instead of appealing to emotion based libs who can’t comprehend facts.

  50. Toni Joseph says:

    Is this really right ? do we really want a gestapo here in America. It is enough that some stereotype things are going on. Just now in CA, not just enough to pay Auto Ins, Registration taxes, gas taxes. Now these folks have to show more info, why? I’ve seen enough peeps driving on my streets that are not legally able to do so. Then what? Go after the one that is upfront paying his way. I say NO! Throw away those useless users, not Latinos. We have these beggar gypies. They now make their children sit right beside them at fwy exits. Have no puty for the beggar. Honor those that really are making a living. That person selling goods for a living and willing to walk/sell their stuff. God Bless them for the drive that they have.

    1. Jerry Walton says:

      So you are FOR people breaking the law to enter the country? Here’s a question. Do you have locks on your home and car? Why? To keep out those willing to break the law to get what they want. Think about it.

    2. What is a “latino” ? Is it somebody who speaks Latin?

      1. “Latino” is the proper term given to one who speaks a language relative to the Latin dialect. The word “Hispanic” is derogatory, as Hispania is in Spain and not all Latinos came from Spain.

    3. This isn’t the “gestapo.” This is ENFORCING THE LAW. So cut the propaganda

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