NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Bursting with color, creativity and comfort, the hottest footwear fashions on are display at the New York Shoe Expo.

Fashion Footwear Association of New York Executive Vice President Phyllis Rein told CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock about this season’s top styles.

“If you haven’t already bought for Spring 2017, we’re looking at like pom-poms, denim,” she said.

Metallics and blush tones are big, and you’ll find mules everywhere.

“Athleisure still remains to be one of the bigger trends now,” Rein said.

Men can sink their feet into freestyles.

“Elastic on the top lines, so they’re just pull on, pull off – very free and easy,” a representative said.

If sandals soothe your sole, consider some conversation starters handmade in Ghana.

“The first thing they will do is they look at her feet and they say, ‘where did you get that from?’” a representative said.

Fast forwarding to fall footwear, expect color blocking, fur, and over-the-knee boots.

For Spring 2018, shoes will have even more pizazz.

“It’s just fur, which we’re delivering now, and now you add jewels and feathers,” a representative said.

The embellishment doesn’t stop there. Pearls will be prominently featured, along with embroidery and florals. Instead of mules, slides will steal the show.

“Laser cuts are still beautiful,” Rein said.

You’ll see a lot of styles in pastels, including what might be the future of girls’ dress shoes.

“Kids go to communions, they wear these white dress shoes. And as soon as they get to the party, their shoes are off and they’re running around barefoot or the ballet. Well they don’t have to do that anymore,” a representative said.

Also look out for fusion sneakers.

“You’re seeing a lot of the sportscasters on TV that are wearing beautiful suits but at the same time they’re wearing sneakers. In the old days, that was completely crazy. You would never have thought to do that,” a representative said.

The New York Shoe Expo is not open to the public, but gives fashionistas some things to look out for.


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