NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Forget about the neckwear and move away from the mugs… Father’s Day is this weekend and shopping for dad these days means thinking outside the box.

CBS2’s Elise Finch shares some unique ways to show your love for dad on his special day.

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, most people are skipping the tie rack.

“I always write him a poem,” one girl said.

“He’s a big foodie, so maybe like something nice from Eataly,” a woman said.

“Tickets to a football game,” a girl added.

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If you’re buying for a techie dad, experts say shopping should be easy.

“This is the Echo Dot from Amazon. It’s the least expensive smart home device you can really get. It’s $50, and it can play music, tell you the weather, you can ask it all kinds of other questions, you can use it to control your lights, your other smart home stuff,” CBS Interactive Senior Editor Dan Ackerman says.

If dad is a gamer and you’re willing to spend a little more money, Ackerman recommends an addition to the PlayStation 4.

“It’s a virtual reality headset for $300 that adds on to the PS4 you already have and let’s you play all these new VR games,” he says.

If dad’s not into gadgets, maybe he’ll enjoy a trip to the spa. Some are offering packages for dad like a “massage with a mojito” or a “body scrub and a beer.”

The key is to focus on what dad likes.

“Getting dad a tie or shirt for work, or these functional things, I think people should rethink it. Start giving dad things that are a little bit more whimsical,” Josh Brooks, a lifestyle expert and partner at home décor and entertaining store Jung Lee New York.

Brooks says if you’re buying for a golfer, try something like a large acrylic golf ball that’s actually an ice bucket that won’t break. Cheaper options include coffee table books and large matches to light the fireplace this winter.

Some dads Finch spoke with said when it comes to Father’s Day, gifts are good but quality time is even better.

“I would really enjoy that atypical sitting around on the blanket with a picnic basket and have the family gathered, and to me that would be a million memories,” John Ohalleran, of Massapequa Park, said.

“Time with family is very precious,” another man added.

If you can’t gather the family or get dad a gift he’ll love, experts say simply spend Father’s Day letting dad do whatever he wants. Let him pick the movie, control the car radio, or do nothing at all – and make sure you don’t complain about it.


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