MONTCLAIR, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A small dog was pulled out of a couple’s van during a road rage dispute.

The dog wasn’t hurt, but the pet owners said the man who did it should still be punished.

The fight caught on video shows the tail end of what police are calling a road rage incident between Gary Kaey and Marc Dionne.

Gary and Linda Kaey claim Dionne had been weaving in and out of traffic on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair for a half-mile before getting stuck at a bus stop and getting out of his car in a rage.

“He was upset about the stopping bus in front of him, jumped out on our hood, stomped on the hood,” Linda said.

That’s when another driver started recording Kaey and Dionne out in the road throwing punches before Kaey headed back to his mini-van.

Dionne can then be seen reaching into the passenger’s side of the van, grabbing Kaey’s 12-year-old dog Daphna, and flinging her nearly 30 ft in the air.

“Obviously he couldn’t get the best of me, so he chose to take an innocent animal and try to hurt me with that,” Kaey said.

Remarkably Daphna survived the toss, and ran back toward her owner, as Dionne peeled away.

“I reached down and grabbed her, kind of like a football grab and saved her life,” Kaey said.

The whole interaction is still sinking in for the Kaeys who also had their newborn granddaughter with them when it happened.

Speaking exclusively with CBS2’s Jessica Borg, Dionne’s mother said her son is the victim.

“I think the man should be punished for assaulting my son,” she said.

She said her son was being forced off the road by Kaey and that’s why he got angry.

“Unfortunately without thinking, Marc was trying to get the guy away from him, and therefore he reached into the car. He’s not an animal hater, he’s an animal lover,” she said.

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  1. He “was trying to get the guy away from him” so he reached into someone else’s car while totally away from him and tried to kill a dog? Lady, you’re clearly a big part of the reason your son is a worthless thug. In a perfect world, you would be locked up along with him.

  2. Yet another individual that qualifies for the Claw Hammer Shampoo of Justice (CHSJ, TM.) By the way, mom, you son is a piece of human garbage. There’s a little truth for you.

  3. Carrie Tyler says:

    What the heck happened to people using a little self control? This kid (he isn’t acting like a man) went bonkers over what appears to be stuck behind a bus when he’s trying to get passed all the cars on the street ahead of him, and the mini-van in the next lane over became his point of anger, probably thought the van should have given him a wide berth (he didn’t have the right of way so no reason for yielding to him). He should be arrested, charged with endangering others with his vehicle, road rage, assault, and at least two counts of animal cruelty (first for reaching inside the van, pulling out and throwing the dog, second for throwing a senior dog who like us, isn’t as capable of recovering from violence against them).
    And God bless his mother, who loves him so blindly she refuses to admit the truth in front of her eyes (video is very very clear).

    1. The old “he’s a good boy he din’ do nuffins” response

  4. Brent Busch says:

    Figures, the mother is as stupid as her son.

  5. luvamiproducts says:

    If the grandchild was closer, he would have hurled her out the window.

  6. Oh look, he’s a tolerant ant peaceful Antifa loving liberal. Shocker.

  7. 4chan /pol was identified the man and forwarded the info to the correct authority’s. He is also an ANTIFA progressive liberal.

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