NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The world-renowned Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire is hitting the stage in Brooklyn this week, and many tried to get their hands on exclusive tickets.

But as CBS2’s Reena Roy reported Tuesday, many are also upset that the show is happening at all.

Fancy and flashy, the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope is famous among New Yorkers for a commercial that touts it as a wedding venue, featuring strains from “Winter” from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” and the slogan, “We make your dreams come true.”

But neighbors say the venue is not making their dreams come true at all.

“It’s bad,” one woman said. “It’s bad for the neighborhood.”

Many are dreading this Thursday night, when Arcade Fire will take over the ballroom for its album release concert – with more than 1,000 fans.

“It definitely creates a lot of issues in the neighborhood,” another woman said.

Neighbors said concertgoers take up parking spots for blocks in the area, and crowd outside the venue – making a lot of noise after a long night of partying.

“You working and you try to find out parking — no way. No way,” said Paco Molina. “You’ve got to go all the way down.”

“They’re probably going to be drunk and very, very noisy,” another neighbor said. “It’s bad.”

Pastor David Parsons of St. John-St. Matthew-Emanuel Lutheran Church next door said it has been a problem for years.

“There was a record release where there was a marching band and a horse-drawn carriage out in Prospect Avenue at 11:30 at night,” Parsons said. “That was challenging.”

But venue owner Michael Halkias says the Grand Prospect Hall has been in business for decades – traditionally holding weddings and large events that sometimes draw up to 4,500 people. The venue has also been holding concerts for the last 15 years, and Halkias said they have always been hosted respectfully.

Halkias said neighbors need not be concerned about concertgoers as they exit.

“Of course not,” he said. “I don’t have trash. I have marvelous people with a wonderful attitude.”

Halkias told CBS2 people usually tend to walk or take public transportation. The venue also has a 150-car garage.

He also said the parking problem is Brooklyn-wide.

“There’s no parking any place around – whether I have an event or not,” he said, “so that’s case closed.”

Regardless, people want to remind venue officials to be courteous.

“I hope that Grand Prospect Hall will be a good neighbor, which they have been many times in the past, and make sure that they help the people that are attending the venue to be respectful of the folks who are in the neighborhood,” Rev. Parsons said.

So they will be waiting for Thursday to see if things really do quiet down.

CBS2 has reached out to Arcade Fire’s public relations team for comment, but had not heard back late Tuesday afternoon.

  1. “They’re probably going to be drunk and very, very noisy” – speculation.

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