NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In the last few weeks, at least three vehicles on Staten Island have been stripped of their wheels while the owners were sleeping.

As CBS2’s Marc Liverman reported, police are working to figure out if there’s a connection.

“I’m kind of worried,” said Staten Island resident Vincent Hancock. “Thank God my tires ain’t new, but my wife’s car’s brand new. I’m scared they might take her tires.”

Some Staten Island residents were being extra careful Friday about where they park their cars after a brand new Honda Accord was stripped of two tires and rims.

Staten Island tire thefts

Thieves propped this car up with a planter while stealing two tires. (credit: CBS2)

Usman Rashad, who lives on Ada Drive in Graniteville, woke up early Wednesday morning to the sound of his dogs barking hysterically. He went outside to take them for a walk, and that’s when he noticed what was gone.

“Then I realized the car don’t have tires,” Rasdah said. “I saw like a brick block, and then they took our flower pot to put under the car.”

His neighbor’s missing tires and rims were worth close to $800. So far, no one’s been caught.

Police told CBS2 it is at least the third situation where tires were stolen from cars on Staten Island within the last three weeks.

“It is scary,” said resident Rakshanda Ahshan. “Very scary.”

Earlier in July, another Staten Island family had four tires stolen from their work van. The thieves move in and within seconds they’re off with the goods.

“It makes me upset because this is a good neighborhood,” Hancock said. “Nothing really ever happens here.”

So far, police haven’t confirmed if all three thefts are part of a pattern, but they continue to investigate.

Despite the incidents, police say the number of robberies on Staten Island is down 11 1/2 percent this year compared to last year.