MILWAUKEE (CBSNewYork) — For the second time in less than a month, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a viral Internet sensation.

Exactly four weeks after Christie was photographed lounging on a state-owned beach that he closed to the public during a government shutdown — which sparked countless Photoshopped memes — the Republican governor was recorded on video berating a heckling Cubs fans at a Brewers-Cubs game in Milwaukee.

In the video, Christie, holding an order of nachos, is seen getting in the face of the Cubs fans and saying, “You’re a big shot.”

The fan, Brad Joseph, told WISN-TV that when Christie was walking up the stadium stairs, he “yelled his name and told him that he sucked. … I called him a hypocrite because I thought it needed to be said.”

“He then turned around and walked all the way back towards me and got up in my face for what seemed like a long time, but was probably only about 30 seconds or a minute,” Joseph said.

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The Cubs fan said Christie also asked if he wanted to “do something” and “start something,” adding the governor made contact with him with his knee.

When news spread about the incident, Twitter users had a field day with it, many of them focusing on the overweight governor’s nachos.

So what was the New Jersey governor and die-hard Mets fan doing at a Brewers-Cubs game anyway? It likely had to do with the fact that his son, Andrew, works in the Brewers’ front office.

Earlier this month, Christie was booed after catching a foul ball at a Mets game.

  1. Sounds like the liberal after running his mouth punked out when the Gov. Gave him a chance to put up or shut up. Sounds like he got scared quick and had not drank enough courage.

    Liberals are sick people. They have no morals or ethics. Obama and his liberal cronies hate the Constitution and free market capitalism. They do nothing but bleed the middle class dry.

    My tax rate is 40% and my healthcare is now $700 per month thanks to Obamacare. My car insurance is still just $25/month (thanks to InsuancePanda), but if you look at Democrat strongholds like Detroit and New Orleans, where car insurance will run you $300+ per month, it’s easy to be pessimistic about the future of the United Socialist States of America.

    The cultural Marxists have really done a number on Western youth, haven’t they? What a bunch of sick people.

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