LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (1010 WINS) — Drivers were rolling in dough, and not in the good way, when a crash left hundreds of frozen pizzas spilled all over a highway in Arkansas.

DiGiorno and other frozen pizzas covered the interstate in Pulaski County following a tractor-trailer accident on Wednesday.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation quickly shared photos online, confirming there were no injuries.

And it truly must not have been too serious, since ArDOT quickly joked: “Despite the involvement of a few ‘tombstones’ we are glad the driver & overpass are okay.”

The department went on to crack: “We need more dough for highways, not on highways!”

But ArDOT wasn’t kidding when it said “cleanup would take time.” Part of the highway had to be closed off for more than four hours.

The department said the only damage to the bridge was cosmetic, but then again, pizza has never been great for the complexion.