1010 WINS– Captain Ben Chancey has a whale of a tale to tell, and it’s unbelievable.

While sailing with fellow captain John Black, the pair spotted a giant Goliath grouper swimming around their tiny canoe.

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The grouper immediately turns from prey to predator and tries to flip the boat. After a couple of attempts, the “thousand-pounder” succeeds.

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You’d think after all the chaos, the captains would just give up on trying to catch the giant, but not these two.

“I still got him,” yelled one man. “I got the rod!”

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The Goliath grouper (Captain Ben Chancey)

Once they realize the rod is secure, Chancey and Black swim to a nearby motorboat to finish their catch of the massive animal.

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Chancey works with Florida State University to tag and release Goliath groupers, since the fish is registered as “critically endangered” with the World Conservation Union.

It’s hard to call fishing boring after an incredible story like that!

For more videos, check out Captain Ben Chancey’s Instagram, Facebook, and website.

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— Kayla Jardine