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dig in Happenings August 18Dig In
Brooklynites don’t get to have all the foodie fun anymore!

Smorg Square, A.K.A. Smorgasburg’s two-year location in Hudson Square, is set to open Saturday. This location will have about 20 vendors culled from its sister sites in Williamsburg and Prospect Park along with ample seating and an outdoor deck to devour your unique dish.

Standout vendors at this foodie flea market include Goa Taco, Lumpia Shack, Ramen Burger, and Red Hook Lobster. You’ll have to wait a hot second for booze though — a full bar is scheduled to open in September.

Although its BK counterpart is only open during the summer months, Smorg Square will operate through Christmas. The location will be open Friday through Sunday, so cancel your brunch reservations and start planning your meals now.

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eclipse Happenings August 18Total Eclipse of the Heart
You’re probably hoping to catch a glimpse of Monday’s much-hyped solar eclipse from your office building. Gotham is going to get a 72% view of the big show, but unless you’ve already booked a flight to South Carolina or Oregon for the full midday blackout, it’s what you’ve got.

The partial eclipse, caused by the moon moving between the sun and Earth, will begin at 1:23 p.m. It will continue to cover the sun until 2:44 p.m., when the event reaches the max point. The entire thing will be over around 4 p.m.

If you’re planning to witness the sky show, pick up a free pair of eclipse glasses from any Warby Parker store in the city (call ahead to make sure they’re still in stock). Your parents weren’t kidding when they told you not to stare at the sun.

If you can’t get your hands on a pair, Neal deGrasse Tyson has a solution.

“Go into your kitchen and get a spaghetti strainer or a colander,” Tyson said. “Not with mesh, the kind with holes in it. Go outside and hold that up over the ground. Each one of those holes will act as a pinhole camera and you’ll see hundreds of images of the crescent sun on the ground and you can watch the eclipse unfold safely.”

Tons of places are holding parties where you can witness the event. Head to the Hayden Planetarium, The New York Library’s Pelham Bay Park branch, and the Brooklyn Grange — or a Google search should find the closest gathering near you.

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gamer Happenings August 18Get Your Game Face On
A convention dedicated solely to video games is taking over Terminal 5 this weekend.

Play NYC will bring together developers, players, and industry pros at the concert venue’s three floors — plus their rooftop! The convention promises 100 games including the latest releases from studios, both large and small, around the tri-state area.

On top of playing games, you’ll also get a peek behind the scenes into the development process and help shape a game while it’s still in the works.

General admission tickets start at $25 (plus applicable charges) for one day.