NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — After suffering for more than a month, a Brooklyn robbery victim has died from the injuries he suffered in the attack.

As CBS2’s Erin Logan reported, the last month of 50-year-old, Huiping Wu’s life was not easy for him or his family. The home health care worker found himself being cared for around the clock.

“When he walked it was painful to him. He couldn’t move a lot because his arm hurt too,” his daughter Lili Wu said.

Police said he was punched in the face, fell to the ground, and hit his head. It happened at the intersection of Barbey Street and Glenmore Avenue in the early evening hours of June 24th. The attacker also stole Wu’s iPhone. His 18-year-old daughter Lili said he suffered a broken neck, and a lot of bruising.

Within two to three days Wu was out of the hospital and back home with his wife and two teenage children.

“He was always in pain, and he didn’t seem to be getting better,” Lili said.

She said more than a month later, in late July, Wu ended up back in the hospital.

“His neck wasn’t healing properly, so they decided to do a surgery,” she said.

That’s when something went tragically wrong.

“The death certificate reads, ‘complications following cervical spine fixation to treat a cervical fracture due to blunt force trauma,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Bob Boyce said.

Police are still trying to track down whoever punched and robbed Wu. They said they have no video of the attack, making the case even more difficult. They also said, there doesn’t seem to be any type of robbery pattern in the neighborhood.

Still, people who live and work in the area said the robbery, and Wu’s death aren’t all that surprising.

“This neighborhood is dangerous point blank. If they rob you during the day, imagine what they do at night,” Stanley Jackson said.

His daughter asked that anyone who might know something contact police.

She said her family is having a hard time, and is often scared to leave their home.

Police are treating Wu’s death like a homicide.