1010 WINS –– While flamingos are known for their pose and grace, baby flamingos are just as clumsy as the rest of us.

Squish, a now 2-month-old baby flamingo, was rescued by zoo keepers at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore and is still learning to walk. When they first came upon Squish, he was just an egg. The zookeepers incubated the egg for a full month in a special facility until he was ready to hatch.

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Now, Squish loves to explore the park, with help from his custom-made shoes. The blue booties protect his foot pads from the hard and hot floor. Flamingos are used to soft, moist ground in the wild, so the booties were vital for Squish. Now he’s able to move around and build strength in his growing legs.

Credit: Wildlife Reserve Singapore

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“When Squish is not out and about walking, [he] spends time in the centre’s weaning room,” wrote the park, “getting used to the outdoor temperature and learning to feed on [his] own.”

Baby flamingos are born with a white-grey color and at around two they develop their characteristically pink shade from their diet of shrimp, crustaceans and alga.

Just at the Jurong Bird Park, there are over 300 Greater Flamingos, and when Squish turns 3 months old, he will be introduced to the flock, so there’s still plenty of time for this adorable bird to find his footing!

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Kayla Jardine