1010 WINS  — John Cena was left speechless after some of his incredible fans gave him the surprise of the lifetime.

The video, which was made by Cricket Wireless and now has over two million views, shows Cena reading heartwarming letters from his fans, thanking him for inspiring them.

Cena’s famous saying, “Never Give Up” serves as a motto for many, especially in times of turmoil. One of the fans, Tyler Schweer, was in a video to thank Cena for helping his mom battle cancer.

“When my mom was having her six-hour surgery, I gave her the [John Cena] wristband, and told her to never give up” said Schweer. “She’s now cancer free.”

John Cena with fans (Cricket Wireless)

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The young fan then came out to thank him in person. Cena was left utterly speechless, as tears filled his eyes. “You’re extremely strong,” Cena said as he hugged Schweer.

Little did Cena know there were more surprises to come. One by one, more fans came out to thank him. “I fell into a deep depression and I had just given up on life,” said one. “I got back on my feet, you showed me I can. I owe it all to you.”

To make the moment even better, they gifted him a trophy that read, “John Cena Life Changer”.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Cena. “That was coolest surprise ever.”

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