NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A child was injured during a road rage fight between two adults in the Mount Eden section of the Bronx recently.

CBS2’s Valerie Castro spoke Monday to the boy’s father about the moment the driver started throwing punches.

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A first fight Friday afternoon was all the result of road rage between a driver and two pedestrians – a man walking his 11-year-old son home from school.

“He was trying to beat the light. He barely stop in the middle of the street, then he came out of his car,” said Sekou Doukore. “He was talking trash to me.”

Doukoure said he had just crossed Morris Avenue and East 174th Street with his son when the upset driver approached them on the corner – angry that they had taken too long to cross the street.

In surveillance video, the two can be seen exchanging words – and then things get physical.

“Then he barely punched me, so that’s when I started punching him,” Doukoure said. “Then he came out with the knife and stick me on the hand. Then my son trying to come between us — he punched my son.”

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Doukoure’s son appears to fall on the ground, still wearing his backpack.

“He was crying. He was crying,” Doukoure said. “He was bleeding from the mouth a little bit.”

Meanwhile, the adults continued to tussle.

“I was angry,” Doukoure said. “I was a little bit scared because of my kid.”

Eventually, the man walked away back to his car. But Doukoure called police, who later found the driver parked just a few blocks away and arrested him.

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Police sources said the driver – 22-year-old Abdul Mammoud — was charged with assault.