1010 WINS — The annual World Beard and Moustache championships took place in Texas earlier this month and the pictures are astonishing!

The first bearding event was held in 1990 in Italy and has only grown from there- literally.

Greg Anderson photography captured each unique beard perfectly.

stache2 Hair Raising Photos: Annual World Beard & Moustache Championships

Greg Anderson Photography

Greg told 1010 WINS that despite being a competition, contestants are really there to have fun and catch up.

“Yes, it’s my fourth year shooting the competition,” Anderson said.” There were over 730 contestants from all over the world. It was a 3 day event held in Austin, Texas over Labor Day weekend. The guys seem to be more about the camaraderie than the competition and just enjoy getting together every year in a new place and catching up.”

All this stylish stubble is the perfect inspiration for no-shave November!