1010 WINS — A 94-year-old grandmother couldn’t contain her excitement when men in uniform unexpectedly arrived at her door.

Betty Helmuth’s granddaughter was worried about the welfare of her grandmother and arranged for the Clearwater Police Department to drop off some supplies for her as Hurricane Irma barreled toward Florida.

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“Your granddaughter, Rachel, she contacted us and she wanted us to make that you were OK and safe for the storm,” one officer told Helmuth.

The officers brought her food, water, flashlights and other necessities.

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She was thankful for the supplies, but it seems like the men in blue are what made her day.

“Oh my gosh,” Helmuth gushed as she opened the door. “Oh gosh, you’re good looking!”

“I love you, God bless you. And you’re all so handsome! I mean how many times does an old lady get handsome guys like this?” Helmuth said as she thanked each officer with a hug and kiss.

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After the storm, the police shared Betty’s story writing that she made it through the hurricane with a little water intrusion but is otherwise OK.