Fee to Pee

bathroom Happenings, September 19

Nature calls sometimes, and we all know wondering around Manhattan isn’t a great time for that to happen. You may be a ninja who can stealthily sneak into even the most guarded Starbucks bathroom without purchasing a cup of coffee, but wouldn’t you happily pay a buck for a clean toilet where you can do your business in peace?

That’s the idea behind Rockaloo, an app that connects folks who need to loo with private businesses that will open their stall doors. Just open the app, locate the nearest participating bathroom on a map, and pay a fee (anywhere from 99 cents to $8.99) to get in.

Yeah. There really is an app for anything these days.

But really, it’s a win-win. Businesses around Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn get some extra cash while you relieve yourself in a clean, line-free restroom. See ya never, McDonald’s!

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movie Happenings, September 19

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Cinema in Style
It can be hard to convince someone to head to the movies nowadays. Why leave the comfort of your couch, where Netflix and HBO are at your beck and call, to sit in a crowded theater where people can’t put down their phones for a couple hours?

But that attitude was before the Landmark at 57 West opened their doors this past weekend.

The luxury movie theater boasts eight wall-to-wall screens with laser projection and oversized leather chairs with foot rests. As for the concession stand, it offers far more than your standard popcorn and candy. Chose from a craft beer selection or a cocktail from their full bar while munching on assorted salads, pulled pork sliders, or tacos.

Said Ted Mundorff, President and CEO of Landmark Theatres, in a statement, “We are excited to be opening a premiere theater and creating a new destination for cinema. The Landmark at 57 West will provide a top-tier entertainment experience for the sophisticated moviegoer who enjoys a wide array of interesting and quality films.”

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What If…

nyc Happenings, September 19

The city, from the skyline to its parks, could have looked a lot different if some proposed plans went through.

Over the weekend, the Queens Museum debuted “Never Built New York,” a collection of suggested projects by architects, developers, and politicians that would have drastically changed the Big Apple as we know it today. To throw a few examples out there, the idea of constructing a giant dome over midtown was once pondered over while another proposal aimed to construct a series of giant towers on the Hudson River.

Can you even imagine?

“Exploring the alternative paths New York City could have traveled encourages us to think beyond the present tense and push the boundaries of what the future of the metropolis holds,” the museum states on the website.

“Never Built New York” will be on display from September 17 through February 18, with the museum will be hosting a panel discussion on the buzzed about exhibit on October 29.