1010 WINS– It always pays to double-check your haul.

On Thursday, traffic on Shotwell Road in the town of Clayton, NC was closed off due to a tractor-trailer accident caused by 17 pallets of vodka (40,000 pounds) shifting and tossing the truck onto its side.

Although the driver escaped unharmed, many of the bottles in the trailer suffered a much worse fate.

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Credit: Town of Clayton, NC

Emergency responders attempted to right the truck without emptying the 41,000 pound-load, but that effort proved fruitless, forcing workers to unload the intact portion of the haul by hand taking up most of the day.

In a Facebook post, city officials said the Highway Patrol conducted a weight inspection and are faulting the driver, 33-year-old Johnathan David Chrissy of Kingsland, GA, for not locking down his load, which caused it to shift when he took a sharp turn.

Read more on Clayton, NC’s Facebook page.

-Joe Cingrana


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