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Bugging Out
Foodies, environmentalists, and Fear Factor enthusiasts alike will get a kick out of this one.

Bugs is a documentary by Andreas Johnsen bravely exploring the world of insect cuisine. It follows “food adventurers” as they taste honey ants, venomous giant hornets, long-horned grasshoppers and other delectable critters from around the globe.

Whether you’re salivating or watching through your fingers, the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating bugs is undeniably fascinating.

The film is playing multiple times per day at the Film Forum through Tuesday. Check out the full schedule here.

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avenue q Happenings, September 28Off-Broadway BOGO
Heading to an Off-Broadway show is always a good time, but it’s more fun with a friend.

Following Broadway Week, where theater lovers are able to score two-for-one tickets to some of the best shows on the Great White Way, the smaller shows are getting their shot. Until October 8, Off-Broadway performances are offering buy one, get one free tickets.

That means you — and a pal — can split the price for shows like Avenue Q, A Clockwork Orange, Blue Man Group, Spamilton, and dozens of other plays and musicals.

Just select your must-see show and use the code OBWF2017 to get all the benefits of Off-Broadway Week. But leave the jazz hands to the actors.

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cat Happenings, September 28The Purrfect Roommate
Many landlords won’t allow dogs, and it’s not hard to understand why — they shed, pee, chew, and otherwise destroy apartments. Luckily, cats are much more accepted, and they make great furry friends.

Thinking about bringing a feline home? Then you’re in luck — the Best Friends in New York Cat and Kitten Adoption Event takes place this weekend at the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in SoHo. Plenty of cats and kittens will be available to bring home for just $20, and they all come spayed and neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. You just add the love.

Check the Facebook event for all adoption requirements before you go because there’s no way you’re not going to instantly find a new roomie. Stop by Friday and Saturday between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. to give a pet their forever home (until you move again).