1010 WINS“What’s that Lassie? Timmy fell down a well?”

When a call came into the Los Angeles Animal Services SMART (Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team) squad about a kitten that had fallen down a twenty-five-foot shaft in Venice, CA, members Ernesto Poblano and Felix Lopez responded with the lifesaving tools of their trade.

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(Screengrab: Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team Los Angeles/Facebook)

At first, the crew sent an infra-red camera down the shaft to assess and monitor the kitten’s situation using a custom catch pole made of PVC piping with a cable looped at the end. After locating their tiny target at the bottom of the shaft, Lopez maneuvered SMART’s “Flex Pole” down to the kitten, keeping a close eye on the video monitor. Once the cable was secured around the kitten’s body, he was brought to the surface safely.

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After veterinary treatment, a good meal, and a bath at the North Central Animal Shelter, “Timmy Borisshaft” was adopted by a loving family the very same weekend.

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-Joe Cingrana