NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man was stabbed in the heart, and managed to walk to the hospital with a blade in his chest.

It’s a crime residents are shocked by.

“Wow, I have goose bumps,” one neighbor said.

Police say 35-year-old Mohamed Ramirez was stabbed in the heart around 10 p.m. Monday night, and managed to walk five blocks to Elmhurst Hospital to check himself in.

Throughout the day detectives poured over surveillance video from cameras outside the Elmhurst Gardens apartment complex on Macnish Street near Elmhurst Ave where the stabbing happened.

“This area is really safe. i never seen anything wrong here, never, never, never,” Leo Fermin said.

Police searched the perimeter for the weapon. They looked under garbage cans on nearby Broadway in Elmhurst, and on the roof of a store.

The weapon pierced Ramirez’s heart. The attack happened in a residential area filled with families — just blocks from where Ramirez lives.

Neighbor Larry Grande doesn’t know who would want to hurt him.

“It’s crazy because I always seen him around. He looked like a good guy,, like no one has anything bad against him,” he said.

Investigators are still looking into what exactly happened and why.

Ramirez — a former EMT at North Shore/LIJ underwent emergency surgery.

It’s unclear if he knew his attacker.

Milly Karafasoulos — a 40 year resident of the neighborhood — said there has recently been a problem with vagrants in the area. She believe they’re coming from nearby Moore Hempstead Playground.

She’s grown so fearful that she’s started to sue an app that alerts civilians about crimes in the neighborhood.

“The homeless and people who are alcoholic, and people who need word, they’re just lounging around here,” she said.


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  1. John Henrick says:

    As another person pointed out, the blade was still in the man’s chest. Why would anyone be looking for it? Incidentally, the police were not “pouring” over the video, they were “poring.” Somebody needs to hire better writers because this article is pathetic.

  2. Jeffrey Day says:

    Then the hospital gave him the wrong blood type and he died.

  3. “Man Gets Stabbed In The Heart, Walks To Hospital With Blade In His Chest” then we read, “Police searched the perimeter for the weapon. They looked under garbage cans on nearby Broadway in Elmhurst, and on the roof of a store.” Either the police are idiots or CBS can’t write a story with any accuracy. I suspect both.

  4. When a person is not allowed to defend themselves (ccw), like in NYC, they better be a martial artist with body armor.

  5. Carl Mayo says:

    it’s new york. what do you expect in a city where self-defense is illegal?

  6. someone needs a proof reader

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