1010 WINS-Sunshine proves the power of a sunny disposition!

When Sunshine realized she got milk at lunch but some of her friends didn’t have the same luxury, she wanted to help. The five-year-old knew other students should be able to get the beverage even though they didn’t have the money, so she broke into her piggy bank.

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Now, every student in her class has milk for the whole year, thanks to the help of Sunshine’s GoFundMe.

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Grandmother Jackie Olefke + Sunshine (Provided photo)

The day Sunshine came home with her bright idea to empty out her personal bank, her grandmother was brought to tears seeing the kind gesture. So she quickly started a charity page to continue raising funds.

“She did this all on her own,” Sunshine’s grandmother Jackie Olefke tells 1010 WINS. “She dumped out her piggy bank, which totally caught me off guard as it was money for her snowmobile fund — so this piggy bank was never emptied. She started organizing all her change in a row. Then put it into a baggy and not back into her bank.

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“I asked what she was doing with the money… her reply was, ‘I’m taking it to school!'”

Of course, Jackie had to ask why. When she told her she was taking it to school, Jackie explained how she already paid her milk money.

“My friends mom doesn’t have milk money and I do,” Sunshine explained to her grandmother.

Sunshine (Provided photo)

The baggy full of change went into her backpack until the next day when she gave it to her teacher and explained the very same thing. Every day since then, Sunshine has taken a baggy of money to school for milk. “I hand deliver larger amounts to the teacher,” says Jackie, “so every kid has the opportunity for milk every day, every month.”

If you’d like to help Sunshine in her quest to provide, visit her GoFundMe page.

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-Joe Cingrana