1010 WINS- This may be one of the most heartwarming homecoming proposals ever!

Kyana Chevalier knows homecoming is a big deal, so to make sure the event at Largo High School in Florida was perfect, she wanted to take someone special. So she decided to ask her friend John, who has Down Syndrome. She posted the incredible video to her Facebook and it gathered over half a million views.

In the view, Kyana snuck into John’s class holding a mysterious sign. When she turned it around, she asked John “wanna have a ball at homecoming with me?”

Credit: Kyana Chevalier

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John instantly said yes, and was moved to tears by the incredible gesture. After a couple hugs, and a high-five from John’s friend, the whole class was moved by the moment.

Kyana asked John afterward, “we’re going to be best friends, right?”

We think that this adorable pair will definitely be the hit of their homecoming!

-Kayla Jardine


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