NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York City is looking for a blacksmith.

The job pays about $100,000 a year, but it’s not for everyone, as CBS2’s Dave Carlin found out firsthand.

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John Fitzgerald is one of the city’s dozen blacksmiths working for the parks department. Now, there’s a new slot open.

“Yes, we’re hiring another blacksmith,” his supervisor, Ricci Lawrence, said.

Carlin tested his skills and tried making a basketball hoop from rolled steel cut down to 58 inches. Rolling the rod into a hoop proved to be a test he failed.

Fitzgerald: “That’s a bad pass.”

Carlin: “Did I mess that up?”

Fitzgerald: “I think so.”

Carlin: “That’s a terrible basketball hoop. I’m not going to get this job.”

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But his oval-shaped hoop could be hammered into shape.

Carlin: “Do you get out a lot of your aggression this way?”

Fitzgerald: “I have no aggression.”

That’s because he loves his job, with its city benefits and pension, and taking home about $100,000 a year. Every day, sparks fly.

While Fitzgerald welded the basketball hoop, Carlin stayed back and visited some of his colleagues.

The job entails so much more than basketball hoops — for example, the blacksmiths are creating the iron beams that hold together a loft space on park’s property. City blacksmiths also make railings and fences, but they never get anywhere near a horse. Different workers, called farriers, handle the horseshoes.

Someone highly skilled will land this sought-after blacksmith job – maybe a sculptor with wild welding skills or someone currently in a construction field.

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Anyone fired up to join Fitzgerald and company, get your application into the city by October 30th.