NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Actress Ellen Barkin woke up Wednesday morning to find an intruder inside her Greenwich Village home.

Barkin, 63, had been asleep on the second floor of the home on 12th Street just before 7 a.m. when she awoke to the sounds of footsteps above. 

Barkin went upstairs and found a man in her son’s bedroom, which was not occupied at the time. She tried to pull the door shut, but the suspect managed to pull the door open.

The suspect ran to a balcony and jumped to a neighboring building. He then climbed down the fire escape and ran off.

Nothing was stolen and Barkin was not injured.

Barkin took to Twitter after the incident to ask officials when detectives might respond.

She praised first responders, saying they arrived at the scene in less than two minutes, but then said four hours had gone by without a visit from detectives, while acknowledging the crime took place the day after the terror attack in Lower Manhattan.

“Did I just hear this right? No detectives here, at all?” Barkin tweeted. “My heart breaks for another day that will live in infamy but crime is still going on… in my house.”

Barkin has two children with her ex-husband, actor Gabriel Byrne.