NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Finding the right pair of jeans isn’t always easy.

But now – like most everything else these days – there’s an app for that.

As CBS2’s Alice Gainer reported, the new technology measures you using your smartphone.

She asked some New Yorkers what a good pair of jeans can feel like.

“Heaven,” one woman said.

“It feels like love,” another added.

But finding the perfect fit?

“It’s very hard,” said one woman.

“Really hard,” another added.

“It can take a minute,” a man said.

“They’re the boyfriend cut, so it takes a while to find the jeans that actually fit but are a little bit baggy for my body type,” said one woman.

Gainer said she recently spent over an hour in a dressing room just trying on jeans and ended up with nothing, but she spoke with others who said they spent even longer.

“That day it took us about two hours,” a woman said. “I take a really long time. My boyfriend gets upset.”

But the smart leggings from company Like A Glove have sensors that can take your measurements.

Your numbers are sent to an app on your smartphone, and the app shows you jeans from dozens of stores that should fit.

“It narrows it down for you, so you don’t have to try on a million pairs,” a woman explained.

In two days, she found two pairs.

“I think they look good and the waist fits good,” she said.

So do fashionplates on the streets of New York think they’d use the technology to cut down on dressing room time?

“Absolutely,” one man said.

“Saves me the time and effort,” a woman said.

“No, I don’t need that app. Definitely not,” said another man.

Why not?

“Sometimes I don’t even go to the dressing room. I know what I’m getting, I go to the shelf, get it, and just put it up to me and it’s good,” he said.

Hard to argue with a man who’s loyal to his brand of dungarees.

The smart leggings cost about $80.