1010 WINS —  A kidnapping victim incredibly escaped at a gas station in Alabama by popping open the trunk and jumping out.

Police say that at around 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 30, Timothy Jabbar Wyatt entered the woman’s home. While she slept, police say Wyatt got on top of her and starting choking her.

When she awoke, he continued to choke her while demanding money, police said. Wyatt then tied her hands behind her back and forced her into a blue 4 door Ford Taurus, according to police.

Police said in a remote area, Wyatt stopped the vehicle and forced the victim into the trunk. He then drove to a gas station.

In surveillance video captured by the gas station, you can see Wyatt enter the convenience store shortly before the victim runs in.

When he realizes what happened, he runs out of the store.

Wyatt was later arrested and charged with robbery, kidnapping and domestic violence.