Elle McLogan Takes After Mom Jennifer, Who Celebrates 30 Years With CBSBy Elle McLogan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – CBS2’s Elle McLogan is not the first journalist in her family.

Her mother, Jennifer McLogan, celebrates her 30th anniversary with CBS this year. Over the course of her career, Jennifer has received numerous accolades for her reporting and breaking-news coverage, including national and local Emmy awards, among others.

She first caught the journalism bug at the University of Michigan, where she worked for the school newspaper. She was inspired by her own mother Bea McLogan, who worked for the very same paper back when she was an undergraduate. For Jennifer, print led to radio, and radio to television, where she finds fulfillment in a career that has spanned three decades.

“On the job each day, I get to meet people who inspire me,” Jennifer said. “Each day brings a new challenge, and I am constantly learning. My job can be difficult and emotional at times, but my husband Dan and three children—Emily, Teddy, and Elle—are a source of endless support. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Jennifer always encouraged Elle to pursue her passions, never expecting them to lead her down the same career path. She said of Elle’s decision to follow in her footsteps, “I was surprised but thrilled.”

From a young age, Elle recognized the potential of a good story. “Both my reporter mother and screenwriter father showed me that a story can do more than pique an interest or brighten a mood. Stories offer human connection and new perspectives. They allow us to make sense of the world and our place in it.”

Elle’s career also began in print, when a job as a restaurant critic brought her to Shanghai, China. She got the opportunity to host a travel documentary for Chinese television, and from that point, she was hooked.

“I get to follow my curiosity, always with the hope of sparking curiosity in others,” Elle said.

And she doesn’t underestimate the influence of her mom on her career.

“My mom is my biggest fan. I’m deeply appreciative of her encouragement and wisdom,” Elle said. “Every day, I learn from her insights. She approaches her job with the utmost care and consideration. The astounding effort she puts in behind the scenes is a key to her talent.”

Jennifer shared another secret to long-term professional success: stay excited and curious. “Wake up with a smile,” she said. “What will I learn today?”

And her top tip for younger journalists? Listen with empathy.

“Don’t forget to put yourself in someone else’s shoes,” she advised. “Be a good listener and, I’d say, remain open-minded.”

Elle feels honored to take after her mom. “Hers are big shoes to fill, but I look forward to following the example that she has set.”

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