1010 WINS-Wedding photographer Lauren Halvorson perfectly captured a wedding day dip fail as the bride and groom fell to the ground while taking photos at Newport Vineyards in Rhode Island.

Halvorson tells 1010 WINS that when someone from the bridal party yelled out for an impromptu dip from the bride and groom, Leanne and Jim, her initial thought was “this will be so cute!” But when she saw them falling “my heart instantly skipped a beat and I thought to myself, ‘oh man, this could be really, really bad.'”

(Photo: Lauren Halvorson Photography)

“They went for it, maybe a little too enthusiastically,” Halvorson joked, “causing them to lose their balance and topple over in the most graceful and joyous fashion I’ve ever seen!”

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“After nine years of shooting weddings, I’ve learned one thing: always keep shooting. So, that’s what I did. I kept taking photos, knowing there was no way I could get there quickly enough to catch them if I had tried.”

Leanne and Jim were married and handled the mishap like true professionals. Her dress didn’t even get dirty and Jim only suffered a few grass stains as he kept his beautiful bride from hitting the ground.

True love, my friends.

These candid wedding photos will bring smiles to the couple’s faces for years to come.

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Dip kiss gone wrong (make sure you swipe through)! Don’t worry though, Jim made sure Leanne didn’t hit the ground! That’s true love, folks! Also… can we take a second to talk about how amazing my couples are? Most brides would have totally lost their cool if they fell into the grass + mud on their wedding day, but not Leanne! She laughed her way right through the whole moment, making it an incredible story to tell for years to come. If you’re getting married, hear me when I say this, something will go wrong on your big day. It probably won’t be anything big, but perfect is a unicorn and it doesn’t happen… so, decide now, for yourself, to laugh your way through the little hiccups of your wedding day with grace like these two did, and you’ll have the best day ever! 💛

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-Joe Cingrana