1010 WINS-An 11-year-old boy who was stabbed and beaten by a guest in his family’s suburban Washington D.C. area home has been released from the hospital and was welcomed home with a heroes parade of local fire and police escorts.

While sleeping on October 31st, the young boy was attacked by the overnight guest in his home, Colton Lee Driggers of Lake Placid, because apparently, Zach was talking in his sleep keeping Driggers awake.

Zach’s father had communicated that his son was feeling a little nervous about returning to his hometown, so the community rallied together to make him feel safe and welcome.

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The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office posted a video on the department’s Facebook page showing first responders lined up on Zach’s street, lights and sirens blaring and a fire truck blasting water from its hose. As an added bonus, the EMS technicians who treated Zach on Halloween were also on hand to celebrate his return.

“We were so glad to be able to help welcome home a brave young man today,” the Sherriff’s office said in the post.

Watch the full video below.

-Joe Cingrana