NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — This one might have you saying, ‘holy guacamole!’

A woman who works at a Chipotle in Brooklyn said she recognized a customer as someone who broke into her home.

Could it be that the lure of quesadillas will help solve the case?

Video released by police shows a man who cops say took part in a home invasion robbery almost 6 months ago.

While it appears he is simply ordering at a fast food restaurant, investigators say he is in fact being confronted.

They said a 20-year-old Chipotle worker in Mill basin Kings Plaza Shopping Center recognized him as one of the three men who came inside her home in the early morning of May 18, flashed a gun, and tied her up along with her sisters before stealing cash and getting away.

“She recognized him, but she still scared,” her mother said.

The mother of the victim spoke to CBS2, but she and her daughter asked not to be identified.

The young woman told the man at the restaurant counter that she knew he victimized and stole from her.

The exchange caused him to quickly cover his face and exit with the young boy he came in with.

Other mall employees praised the young woman for being so observant.

“Good woman, smart woman, smart woman,” a worker said.

The victim’s mother said she was out of the house and at work during the 5:30 a.m. home invasion robbery. The suspects came in via a fire escape and through a window.

She’s grateful her girls were not hurt, and restaurant management transferred her daughter to another undisclosed Chipotle for her safety.

She’s also proud that her daughter spoke up and gave police a crucial clue.

“Yes they have the face, his face, so they will catch him,” she said. “I hope those young men change their lives and do better things, more productive things.”

She said she and her daughters continue to suffer through nervous nights, even though they added bars and alarms to the windows.

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  1. Harambe’s going back to jail!

  2. lcorbitt says:

    Don’t know how she knew; they all look alike to me

  3. irishsavant says:

    Those damn Amish again.

  4. Carter Gwynn says:

    Should not have said anything to criminal. Idiot newscaster tell criminal where to look for accuser.

    1. Mike Burns says:

      Worker should have filled the order but slowly while she called the cops. Try to keep the perp there. Chances are he is now on the run hiding in cousin Baraks basement.

  5. Maybe it wasn’t the wisest thing to say that the woman is now working in another Chipotle restaurant. It would have been fine to say that she is no longer working at Chipotle and leave it at that.

  6. Detective Burrito Bowl is on the case!!! Let’s run the suspect off before he willingly hands over his personal information or maybe you call the cops and they grab him mid queso dip

  7. Smart, really? No slipping to the back room and calling 911? Smart maybe for today’s dum basses who have their noses in a phone all day, but definitely not a Chik-Fil-A worker. Just sayin’

  8. Jv Hite says:

    Seems it would have been smarter to have someone call police and maybe ask another to pretend to handle outside trash to get a tag number, rather then scaring off the perp.

    At least not blurt it out so he takes evasive or dangerous action.

  9. skane1014 says:

    Hope he paid with a credit card!

    1. Yeah, but it was her card!

  10. She should have waited until he paid. Then she would have had his credit card info, easy to link to a person.

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