NEW YORK (WFAN) — Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis spoke with WFAN’s Mike Francesa to talk about his hot start and the success of the team moving forward.

“First time, long time” he said as the conversation kicked off.

Porizingis said he was feeling good and that his ankle and elbow were both recovering. He anticipates being back in the lineup on Saturday.

With a return looming, the Knicks forward says things have been going well since the start.

“I like the way we started working this year from day one. You can tell it was a little different vibe and we really put the fundamentals of our defense from day one,” he said.

Porzingis has been averaging 30 points a game, but he isn’t stunned by his own production.

“That’s a great start for me,” he said, “I’m never really surprised by my own performance because I know how much work I put in.”

A year makes a big a difference, something the Knicks hope to continue proving when they take on Sacramento at 8 p.m. at home on Saturday.