NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Mikka Onita is a speaker, educator, journalist and now author.

Her new children’s book, “EmojiTells: Digital Show and Tell,” is a social media guide for elementary age kids, their parents, and other educators.

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Onita tells Sharon Barnes-Waters she came up with the idea while doing workshops in city schools.

“I found out, over and over again, no matter what borough I was in, all the principals were having the same problem, all the counselors were complaining about the same thing: social media. It’s disrupting my day,” she says.

So what’s the biggest problem she sees in students?

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“They don’t get that there are repercussions. They think for the moment. They don’t think long term; they think short term,” she says. “I think that the biggest obstacle is making them understand that what you do today could either help you or harm you tomorrow when you post it online.”

The book follows a show-and-tell format and includes talking points for parents and educators. It addresses issues like bullying, stranger danger and diversity.

“Think before you post,” she stresses.

Onita says kids are very savvy on social media. She also says it’s helpful to share real-world examples of things that have happened, versus what could happen.

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“EmojiTells: Digial Show and Tell” is now available on Amazon.