NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The countdown to Thanksgiving dinner is underway, and you may have some guests with dietary restrictions.

“I try to eat vegan,” Marie said.

“I have to east under 1500mg of sodium and watch my potassium,” Lorraine Tauches said.

Low salt, no meat, gluten or dairy free, those are just a few food challenges guests are dealing with.

So what do you do if you’re the host?

“It’s just being the best host possible by asking if you have any dietary restrictions, it’s the nice thing to do,” Seri Kertzner, owner of Little Miss Party said.

Kertzner and Michelle Bachman are the owners of Little Miss party, an event planning company.

They said it’s a host’s job to try to accommodate their guests within reason.

It’s the guest’s job to help that happen.

“I would probably suggest bringing my own appetizer or side dish, then I know there’s at least one thing I can eat without leaving Thanksgiving dinner starved,” Bachman said.

Michael Skolimowski is a regional metro chef with Whole Foods Market.

He said you don’t have to change your menu for some dishes like mashed potatoes or yams, just don’t use butter or cream.

“We have wonderful products like avocado oil, coconut butters, things that give it that nice creaminess, but are going to take away that dairy,” he said.

An easy way to satisfy guests with dietary restrictions is to use lots of fruits and vegetables as appetizers, side dishes, and dessert.

Skolimowski showed us two fruit based desserts.

A baked apple stuffed with dates, raisins and oats, and pears poached in red wine topped with whipped coconut milk cream.

“I think that’s a good way to go. Most people can eat those things. There’s not a lot of allergies connected,” Sarah Ketchersid said.

No matter what you serve or eat, experts said remember to be gracious and of course be thankful.