NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A search was under way for suspects in an attempted home invasion that began as a fake delivery in Queens Sunday.

It happened Sunday afternoon at a home on 100th Avenue and 197th Street in Jamaica, Queens. The victim said he was watching TV when a man knocked on his door holding a package, pretending to be a deliveryman.

The resident’s young son was about to let the man in, when the father sensed something was off.

“My son was going to open the door. I said no way and ran to the door,” said victim Thakur Parsaud. “I looked at the package and the name doesn’t match up, and the person tried to push me in the house, and I kicked him as hard as I could and I pushed him out.”

Parsaud said a second hooded suspect was lurking nearby and opened fire, hitting him in the thigh. The weapon turned out to be a BB gun.

Police said both men and a third suspect who was hiding all got away.


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