1010 WINS — These are the rarest birds in the world.

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore just unveiled the Blue Spix’s macaws and they’re beautiful.

According to the reserve, there are believed to be none of the birds left in the wild and only around 150 remain in human care.

a pair of critically endangered spixs macaws are here as conservation ambassadors for their kind and other parrots facing threats globally Birds Eye View: Worlds Rarest Birds, Blue Spixs Macaws, Now On Display

A pair of critically endangered Spix’s Macaws are here as Conservation Ambassadors for their kind and other parrots facing threats globally.

Two of these birds will be displayed at Jurong Bird Park to raise awareness about the threats of extinction and what is currently being done to save them.

The Spix’s macaws will be joined by the other two remaining members of the blue macaw family — the Lear’s Macaw and Hyacinth Macaw in the park’s revamped Parrot Paradise exhibit.

The opening also marks the golden jubilee of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Singapore.

The exciting addition was truly a cause for celebration!