WCBS Newsradio 880 Celebrates 50 Years Of News In New York

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Sallie Slate knows there’s no business like show business.

“It’s a serious business and in New York City, it’s worth $8.7 billion – that’s billion with a ‘b’ – and it employs 350,000,” she tells Joe Connolly.

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Her company, Sallie Slate Productions, lists spaces (businesses, apartments, churches, etc.) for TV and film shoot locations. Then, she acts as a liaison for the space.

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She once worked for the American History Museum and helped with the filming of “Night at the Museum.”

“That was a great story, because the museum was initially reluctant to have this scientific institution be seen as the location for a film where dinosaurs come alive at night, because they don’t come alive at night,” she says. “But once they decided to do it, then ‘Night at the Museum’ came in and they filmed. And it was amazing for the museum because people who had never considered going to the museum came in.”

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Slate goes on to share some ways to break into that $8.7 billion industry.