Artists, Architects And Athletes Of Tomorrow Follow Their Curiosity At The Long Island Children's MuseumBy Elle McLogan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – At what age did you choose your profession?

Your career path may have begun earlier than you think.

At the Long Island Children’s Museum, exhibits offer glimpses into a variety of industries. According to Maureen Mangan, the museum’s Director of Communications and Marketing, visiting kids gravitate toward specific activities.

“Exhibits are based on what the child likes,” she said. “There’s bubbles, and there’s communication, and there’s building, and there’s engineering, and there’s science, so it really does depend on your child. And the minute they walk in the door, they will lead you to what they want.”

In her experience, a child’s early interests foreshadow the career he or she may pursue later in life.

Mangan correctly guessed the former childhood favorite of CBS2’s Elle McLogan—an exhibit called “Seeing & Hearing” that teaches communication and broadcasting.

“We just had a student who was saying he wants to be an architect when he gets older, and he was just building with the bricks,” said Jessica Faranda, a Wantagh Elementary School teacher on a field trip with her first-grade class.

Her group included a self-identified future police officer, artist, and professional baseball player, who all enjoyed practicing the mental and physical skills that may someday serve them in the workforce.

Of course, choosing a career is not the goal of the museum. Mangan explained that LICM revolves around general curiosity and fun.

“Our goal is to inspire all of Long Island’s children and their caregivers to a life of wonder and play.”

Long Island Children’s Museum
11 Davis Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
(516) 224-5800

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