NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a new way for New Yorkers to sign up to help save lives. With just a few clicks on your computer, you can register to be an organ donor and one day give the precious gift of life.

Governor Andrew Cuomo may be in the new ad for the Donate Life website, but it’s the kids who steal the show. Each of them received a life-saving organ from a donor, and each of them are now vibrant and healthy because of it.

The point of the ads are to show that the registry is so user friendly, even a kid can figure it out.

“It takes literally about as long as that commercial takes,” Kirk Adams from the Health Care Education Project told CBS2. “It takes about a minute.”

One of the kids — nine-year-old Kinsey Saleh — received a kidney, and admits to a casey of the jitters during filming.

“I felt excited but nervous at the same time because meeting the governor is a big deal for me,” she said.

She says she’s happy to pitch in for the cause because she feels bad for all those who are still waiting for an organ.

Three years ago, Kinsey was the one waiting after experiencing sudden kidney failure. Her mother, Nadine Morsi, says the situation seemed grave for a while, but then she got another kidney.

“Right away you could see the color come back to her face,” Nadine said.

The new registry answers questions about the process and has one page enrollment forms available in seven languages. You can even make clear your personal wishes in the event of your death.

In another effort to raise awareness, Nadine wrote a children’s book about her experience. She hopes it will help raise awareness of a different topic.

“I think people are very afraid to have that discussion and it isn’t something that we talk about or want to talk about,” Nadine said.

Kinsey says she wants to share her story with others facing what she did.

“The message is to stay with your faith and hope, and to stay positive,” she said.

The book was published by the Live on New York Foundation, the cahritable arm of LiveOnNY, a federally designated organization which oversees all transplants in New York.

There are nearly 10,000 New Yorkers on the waiting list for organs.

Formore information about organ donation and how to sign up, click here.