WCBS 880's 50th Anniversary Takes A Look Back

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Jerry Nachman was a newsman’s newsman.

In his unparalleled career, he enjoyed award-winning success in highly noticeable jobs in newspaper and broadcast. But his first big job was at WCBS.

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The Brooklyn native was born to lead. He started as a reporter and rose to run newsrooms on channels two and four. He later became editor in chief for the New York Post.

“What was happening on the streets in the neighborhoods was where Jerry’s news heart was, and he imbued that in both radio and television newsrooms across the city,” anchor Dave Maresh recalls.

Nachman died much too young in 2004. His New York Times obituary said he combined the scrappiness of city streets with the vocabulary of a professor.

“Of all the people of his era, almost nobody was as New York,” says Maresh.