NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York is a city of diverse humans, and a Fordham University grad student team has discovered it may be a city of diverse rats as well.

A study by five researchers found Manhattan’s “uptown” and “downtown” rats are genetically different, as are “West Village” versus “East Village” rats.

A sampling of 262 Rattus norvegicus — or brown rat, to laymen — were used to find out where the original rats of New York City first came from and how various neighborhood’s rat populations were related to each other over time.

“Across Manhattan, rats exhibited a homogeneous population origin from rats that likely invaded from Great Britain,” the researchers said.

Since the move over from Europe, colonies of rats became more tightly clustered to groups staying within a few blocks of a common nest or area.

In addition to trapping and measuring the genetic profile of rats, the team also used a crowdsourced online “rat map” showing a concentration of rats below 34th Street and another group on the Upper West Side north into Washington Heights.

Between the two groups, Midtown appears to have less to offer rat colonies as bases of residence.

In the city’s most recent attempt to win the war against the furry vermin, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced in July a $32 million plan to reduce the rat population by 70 percent. Since then in Manhattan, parents have complained that rats have taken over parks in the Upper West Side, with some residents saying the animals have attempted to jump into their children’s strollers.

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  1. The NY Carpetbagger Senator Rat is on a tour pushing her book about how a loser lost the election.

  2. Surely DeBlasio will offer them sanctuary in exchange for their votes.

  3. Darin Warren says:

    I’m willing to bet democrats are trying to figure out how to tax the rats.

  4. Maybe they’re just squaring off into competing rat gangs, kinda like the Bloods and Crips?

  5. haypa2haypa2 says:

    NYC needs stray cats to take care of the problem. Fix them and let them loose. In 5 yrs the rats and cats will be gone.

  6. tsharkeynj says:

    Keep the rats leave the Libs.

  7. Zardulu has always known this!

  8. Bob Smith says:

    They always gotta get in the Darwin BS angle, don’t they. Rats didn’t evolve. They didn’t change into a new creature. Existing genetic information and programming was selected for by environmental changes, with input from man. No new genetic information was produced. It was all in the genome and in the population. The greatest deception in history is Darwinism.

  9. Don’t forget the Hood Rats in the NBA!

  10. Paul Lyons says:

    …and the third kind: Demo-Rats.

  11. Julio Pezuka says:

    Upststate New York is being overrun by Tri-State Rats. They ruined their living environment by voting, and migrated to a better place and will still vote the same and in a matter of time will ruin their new environment..

  12. So are we going to start seeing little rat baseball hats identifing with areas like Chicago?

  13. Comrade Commissar Di Blasio is the king of the rats.

  14. Zardoz Wiz says:

    time for the commission for rat equality to start laying out fines

  15. Sounds reasonable. Uptown Dims and downtown Dims…er Rats!

  16. The uptown ones speak English?

  17. Joe Pace says:

    The biggest rat has just been reelected mayor.

  18. Diversity among humans and rats in NYC. is not unusual.They complement each other.

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