NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are looking for a robber who attacked a woman inside the Brooklyn building where she lives.

“I can’t believe it. I don’t know, I don’t understand this,” Barbara Jananis told CBS2’s Valerie Castro.

Police say this is the suspect who attacked a woman from behind and robbed while entering her Greenpoint building. (Credit: NYPD)

What she can’t understand, is how someone could beat up and rob her neighbor.

The woman in her 60s was attacked when she got home on Tuesday night.

Jananis showed Castro where it all took place.


“In this time, this one come, and beat her like this, and after that when she fell down, he hit her and took her belongings,” she said.

The assault happened in the vestibule of the building on Morgan Street, despite surveillance cameras and a sign meant to deter criminals.

A man in a surveillance picture acted as a lookout while his accomplice carried out the crime once the woman went inside.

“He jumped on back of her and he push her like a man!” Jananis said, “She had a broken nose, broken jaw, and she was bleeding terribly bad.”

Police said the suspect got away with the woman’s purse which contained $40 and her cellphone.

The neighborhood is filled with signs of the holiday season, but Jananis said this has shaken her spirit.

“Never thought somebody in my neighborhood can beat me up for nothing, I don’t understand,” she said.

She has a crucifix hanging in the building’s vestibule. She hopes it’s a sign to everyone that good people live here, unlike the men who attacked her friend.

“I’m not wish them bad. I pray for them, because my mother taught me, somebody doing something wrong to you, pray for them,” she said.

  1. It’s Morgan AVENUE, NOT Morgan Street. Report it correctly!

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