YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – The United States Postal Service and police are investigating after three mail boxes were ripped out of the pavement and stolen overnight in Yonkers.

“They took the whole darn mailbox,” resident Charles Yockelson told CBS2’s Erin Logan.

Yonkers police say thieves targeted three locations – the intersection of North Broadway and Gateway Road, Roxbury Drive and Central Park Avenue, and Bellevue and Roberts avenues.

Yockelson, unfortunately, mailed some bills from the North Broadway mailbox. He wasted no time calling his bank.

“Check your bank to make sure you’re not liable. Or if you are, then notify the bank what checks to watch out for,” he said.

The mailbox was situated right in front of his apartment. Now, he’s not only worried about himself, but the other residents who used the box regularly.

“It’s terrible,” one woman said.

“I’m so glad I didn’t put in my mortgage, or rent money, electric bills, whatever. I’m so glad,” a man added.

Cindy Greaves was also feeling lucky. She often uses the mailbox at Roxbury Drive and Central Park Avenue, but hasn’t in the last several days.

“People are expecting for a bill to be paid. They might get late fees,” she said. “You never know what you’re messing up, you know someone’s life just by even taking that mailbox.”

Not to mention, it’s a time of year when people are expecting mail to and from loved ones.

“That’s absolutely ridiculous. I mean, people they’re sending holiday cards,” she said.

Greaves noticed a replacement mailbox, but she and others are staying far away for now.

Police advise people to monitor their bank and credit card accounts. If you need to mail a check, go to the post office and do it in person.