WCBS 880's 50th Anniversary Takes A Look Back

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – On December 8, 1980, John Lennon was murdered in his New York City home.

WCBS reporter Rich Lamb remembers the news was announced during Monday Night Football. 

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He raced to Roosevelt Hospital and rushed inside.

“In the three or four minutes that I had been in the hospital, somebody had popped the passenger side window and ripped all the two-way radio gear out of the car,” he says.

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He made his way to a payphone to call the bulletin in, before heading to the 20th Precinct.

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“There was an inspector named Pete Prezioso with the NYPD. Pete signaled me and said, ‘come on over here.’ And he said, ‘go into the other room and take a look at a piece of paper on the table,’” he says. “There was written, ‘Mark David Chapman.’”