1010 WINS– Get ready for the fluffiest otter you’ve ever seen!

This adorable two-month-old sea otter pup is the newest addition at the Oregon Zoo and he’s clearly enjoying his new home! After lots of playtime swimming around in the water, he gets dried off by his caretakers until his fur is nice and soft.

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Oregon Zoo

The pup, named “805” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s rescue and care program was orphaned along the coast of California in early October, but seems to be enjoying his new surroundings at the zoo’s Steller Cove marine life habitat… and especially all the love he’s being given.

Workers at the zoo say the pup has started grooming himself although he still needs some help, and is enjoying his seafood diet — all good signs that he’s settling in well.

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“Right now he definitely has a preference for shrimp,” said Oregon Zoo marine life keeper Sara Morgan. “He seemed insulted when I tried to offer him squid.”

Visitors can get a look at the young pup when he joins the zoo’s adult sea otters, Eddie and Juno, at Steller Cove.

We only wish we were one of the zookeepers who gets to love and groom this fluffy little guy!

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-Joe Cingrana