1010 WINS-Besides receiving presents, we can all agree the best part of a birthday party is the cake. Especially if you’re these two adorable polar bears!

“Little One” just turned 28-years-old this week and “Anana” turned 17 at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens and they’re loving every minute spent celebrating.

The zoo is just one of dozens of organizations across the country trying to help rescue polar bears, and their habitats which are currently threatened due to climate change.

At the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden scientists, in partnerships with zoos across North America, are racing against the clock to save the polar bear.

Thankfully, these two will always have a loving home!

Join the Cincinnati Zoo in their quest to raise a total of $70,000 by December 31st for CREW’s Signature Polar Bear Conservation Project! For more information and to donate, visit the Cincinnati Zoo’s website.


-Joe Cingrana


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