NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Call it a simple lesson in etiquette. There are some people who post spoilers about new movies or TV season finales.

Since avoiding the internet is virtually impossible, how do you maintain the element of surprise?

As lines of fans snake around theaters across the country waiting for the premiere of the new Star Wars film, the excitement is palpable.

“Probably as much dread as excitement because I don’t know what’s going to happen,” one man dressed as a stormtrooper told CBS News.

But what if the dark sider found out what was going to happen against his wishes?

“Because I’m huge into Star wars, sometimes it can upset me a little bit,” Philly resident Brandon Allinson said.

“It’s definitely a let down,” Washington Heights resident Steven Pozzuoli said. “It’s absolutely a let down.”

With every big movie premiere, season finale, or sporting event, spoilers start popping up online like clockwork.

Kaylie Sanfilippo admits to leaking a major plot twist in the season finale of the Walking Dead.

“I just get excited,” she said.

Some spoiler trolls admit they leak crucial information just because they can. As annoying as that may be, recent studies show spoilers don’t necessarily ruin the experience.

In fact, some people reported enjoying the movie more when they knew what was going to happen.

So what’s a tech addict to do?

“Tell my friends and family not to say anything,” advised one sports fan. “Avoid Twitter and ESPN, Facebook, all social media turned off for however many hours I’m going to be away.”

If going dark online isn’t an option, experts say consider downloading apps or installing filters like Social Fixer or Unspoiler. They allow you to enter the topic you’re trying to avoid so you won’t see related content when you browse.