NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Lincoln Plaza Cinema on the Upper West Side is going out of business – leaving many moviegoers disappointed.

As 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern reported, the movie house at 1866 Broadway has been in business since 1981.

One man, Charles, said it was a pity the theater is closing after more than 35 years of showing the kinds of films that do not make it into the mainstream theaters.

“I’m so sorry for every, you know, the community too, because people, you know, come to this theater and they really enjoy coming to it,” he said. “Like I’m coming to see something I can’t see anywhere else.”

Another man named Timothy said he will miss the theater and its offerings — including the 2004 Danny Boyle comedy-drama “Millions.”

“I went to see ‘Millions’ there – a preview for ‘Millions,’ which was amazing; which was, before the guy that did ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ they did ‘Millions,’” he said.

Lincoln Plaza Cinema is owned by Daniel and Toby Talbot, a married couple in the movie business. They lost their lease, and the curtain comes down for the last time in late January.

“This is our go-to theater,” said one woman named Fran. “That’s terrible.”

Fran was lined up at the box office along with Buddy who said, “We’re going to miss it.”

Marcia also lined up at the box office with disappointment.

“We’re losing a landmark in the neighborhood,” she said.

Another moviegoer said he would now have to go all the way to Greenwich Village to see arthouse films.

  1. Jj Soto says:

    I remember this place fondly when I worked at the Metropolitan Opera in 1998. I saw the “Opposite of Sex” here at the end of my shift selling tickets to rich matrons in the basement of the Met (too bad about that a*hol* James Devine, btw; what’s wrong with people?–a lot, apparently). Great, unique place…once again pushed out by greed.

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