By Mark McIntyre

CBS2 Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Good evening & Merry Christmas! Our wintry weather is now long gone but the winds are sticking around. While it won’t be as gusty as it was this afternoon, it’ll still be a cold & blustery night. Temps will drop into the teens & 20s, with wind chills near 0 for the farthest northwest ‘burbs…bundle up!

jl wind chill forecast 12 12/25 CBS2 Christmas Night Weather Headlines

Tuesday is gonna be another cold & breezy day, but the winds won’t be quite as powerful… still, it’ll still feel like the teens out there in the middle of the day.

nu tu 7day auto6 12/25 CBS2 Christmas Night Weather Headlines

We then have to get ready for some seriously & bitterly cold air – the jet stream will dip way south and our daytime temps will be in the teens & 20s…with much colder wind chills. We’ll have to see if it stays dry or if we do get any snow along with the cold air… so stay tuned!